Reading Royals 2011-12 Schedule



Regular Season:

Friday Oct. 14: LOT 4-3@ South Carolina Stingrays. MacCauley, Riendeau, Kwiet. Mark Owuya-41 saves.


Saturday Oct.15: W 3-2 @ Greenville Road Warriors.Goals: Schapke, Painchaud, Kwiet. Joe Palmer-42 saves.


Saturday Oct.22: W 3-2Cincinnati.Goals: Shearer,Haines, Caruana. Owuya-36 saves.

Sunday Oct.23: L 7-2 Florida Everblades. Goals:Caruana, Cruthers. Joe Palmer-19 saves, Mark Owuya 16 saves.

Thursday Oct. 27: L 4-1South Carolina Stingrays.Goals: Kwiet. St.Laurent- 21 saves.

Friday Oct. 28: W 5-4 @ Trenton Devils. Goals:Urban, Macias, Painchaud, Degon,Labelle. Joe Palmer-30 saves.

Saturday Oct.29: L 2-0Gwinnett Gladiators.Palmer-29 saves


Friday Nov.4: W 7-3 @ Greenville.Goals:Haines,Degon,Shearer, Urban,Cruthers,Labelle,Painchaud. St.Laurent-44 saves.

Saturday Nov.5: WSO 3-2 @ Gwinnett.Goals: Cruthers,Riendeau. St. Laurent-36 saves.

Sunday Nov.6: L 5-2 @ South Carolina.Goals:Shepke,Riendeau. Palmer-20 saves.

Wednesday Nov.9: L 5-2 @ Trenton.Goals: Labelle-2. St.Laurent.

Friday Nov.11: W 5-4 @ Elmira Jackals. Goals: Labelle-2,Schepke,Haines, Riendeau. Palmer-27 saves.

Saturday Nov.12: L 4-2 Elmira.Goals: Labelle,Schepke. St. Laurent-28 saves.

Sunday Nov.13: W 6-2 Elmira.Goals: Riendeau-2,Shearer,Labelle,Cruthers, McCauley.Palmer- 39 saves.

Friday Nov.18: LOT 3-2 @ Cincinnati.Goals:Shearer,Cantin. Palmer-40.

Saturday Nov.19: L 5-3@Toledo Walleye. Goals:Shearer,Labelle,Mitchell. Laurent-15, Palmer- saves.

Wednesday Nov.23: L 3-2Chicago Express.Goals: Degon,Schepke. Palmer-44 saves

Friday Nov.25: L 4-2 Chicago.Goals: Cruthers,Urban. St.Laurent-9, Palmer 8 saves.

Saturday Nov.26: LOT 3-2 @Elmira.Goals:Sheen,Degon. Palmer-29 saves.

Wednesday Nov.30: SOL 3-2 Elmira.Goals:Liotti,McCauley. Palmer-38 saves.


Friday Dec.2: L 5-1 Wheeling Nailers.Goals: Mitchell. Palmer-11,St.Laurent-22.

Saturday Dec.3: L 3-1 @ Elmira.Goals: Scrymgeour. St. Laurent-33 saves.

Thursday Dec.8: LOT 3-2 Trenton.Goals: Mitchell,McCauley. Owuya-29 saves.

Friday Dec.9: W 4-2 @Wheeling.Goals: Macias,Mitchell-2,McCauley. Owuya-55 saves.

Sunday Dec.14: L 4-2 Wheeling.Goals: MacCauley,Mitchell. Owuya-35 saves.

Friday Dec.16: W 6-3@ Wheeling at Johnstown. Goals: Labelle-2,Griffith-2, Tifu,Liotti. Palmer-51 saves.

Saturday Dec.17: W 6-3 Wheeling. Goals: Mitchell-2,Tifu,Griffith,Favot. Owuya-34.

Thursday Dec.22: W3-2 @ Greenville. Goals:Labelle-2, Sheen. Owuya-37.

Friday Dec.23: W6-4 @ Greenville. Goals:Labelle-2, Macias,Lapoint,Kwiet-2. Owuya-35.

Wednesday Dec.28: LSO 4-3 Elmira. Goals: Griffith, Riendeau,Kwiet. Owuya-33.

Friday Dec.30: L 4-3Trenton. Goals:Tifu,Cruthers-2. Palmer-28 saves.

Saturday Dec.31:W 3-2 @Wheeling. Goals:Reiendeau,Cruthers,Schepke. Owuya-46..


Friday Jan.6: W 9-2 @Chicago Express. Goals: Button,Haines,Cruthers-2, Schepke-2, Mitchell-2, Reindeau. Owuya-33 saves.

Saturday Jan.7: L 5-2 @Chicago.Goals:Kwiet, Ryan. St. Laurent-35 saves.

Friday Jan.13: WOT 3-2 Elmira Goals: McCauley,Urban,Brenner. St. Laurent-33 saves.

Saturday Jan.14: L 3-2 @Trenton. Goals:Scrymgeour, Sheen,Dainton-53 saves.

Monday Jan.16: L 4-3 South Carolina. Goals: McCauley,Tifu,Ryan. St. Laurent-29 saves.

Friday Jan.20: W 4-1 Kalamazoo Wings: Cruthers,Brenner,Scrymgeour,Tifu. Dainton-40.

Saturday Jan.21: L 5-4 Toledo. Goals: Macias, Tifu, Labelle, Scrymgeour. Paul Dainton-33 saves.

Wednesday Jan.25: L 5-0 Wheeling. Jussi Rynnas-24 saves.

Friday Jan.27: W 4-2 @ Wheeling. Goals: Schepke,Macias, Sheen. Hutchinson-40 saves.

Saturday Jan.28: W 5-4 @ Toledo. Haines-2, Urban, Labelle,Mitchell. Rynnas-29 saves.

Sunday Jan.29: L 5-1 @ Kalamazoo. Goal: Mitchell. Hutchinson- 35 saves.


Wednesday Feb.1: W 4-2 @ Florida.Goals: Ryan,Brenner,Cowan,Scrymgeour. Rynnas-47

Friday Feb.3: L 8-0 @ Florida. Ryannas-23, St.Laurent-7 saves.

Saturday Feb.4: WOT 5-4 @ Florida.Goals: Urban,Tifu,Ryan,Mitchell,McCauley. Rynnas-32 saves.

Friday Feb.10: WOT 3-2 Elmira. Goals: Tifu,Caruana,McKelvie. Rynnas-36 saves.

Saturday Feb.11: L 3-2 Elmira. Goals: Ryan,Tifu. Rynnas-29 saves.

Sunday Feb.12: L 7-5 @Wheeling.Goals: Bedard-2,Labelle,Ryan,Mitchell. St.Laurent-29 saves, Rynnas-4 saves.

Wednesday Feb.14:WSO 6-5 @ Trenton.Goals: Lapoint,Tifu,Caruana,Bedard,Labelle. Rynnas-37 saves.

Friday Feb.17: W 4-2 @ Trenton.Goals: Scrymgeour,Labelle,Bedard,McCauley. Rynnas-48 saves.

Saturday Feb.18: W 4-0 Wheeling. Goals: Caruana,Haines,Mitchell,Ryan. Rynnas-31 saves.

Monday Feb.20: LSO 4-3 Elmira.Goals: Ryan,Labelle,Haines. Rynnas-36 saves.

Wednesday Feb.22: W 6-3 @Trenton.Goals: Labelle-3,Haines,Tifu,Ryan. St.Laurent-39.

Friday Feb.24: L 3-2 @Elmira.Goals: McCauley,Mitchell. St.Laurent-33 saves.

Saturday Feb.25: W 1-0 Greenville.Goal: Labelle. Rynnas-37 saves.

Sunday Feb.26: L 3-2 Greenville.Goals: Mitchell,Neuber. Rynnas-26 saves.


Friday Mar.2: W 3-1 @ Elmira. Goals: Bedard-2, Ryan. Owuya-47 saves.

Saturday Mar.3: versus Elmira 7:05 p.m.

Sunday Mar.4: L 3-0 @Elmira. Mark Owuya-28 saves.

Friday Mar.9: WOT 5-4 Toledo. Goals:Neuber-2,Ryan-2. Owuya-21 saves.

Saturday Mar.10: W 2-1 Trenton. Goals:Bedard,Doyle. Owuya-35 saves.

Wednesday Mar.14: L 8-3 Florida.Goals: Tifu-2,Caruana. Owuya-19, St.Laurent-3 saves.

Friday Mar.16: W 2-1 @ Wheeling. Goals: Macias,Doyle. Owuya-38 saves.

Saturday Mar.17: WOT 4-3 Wheeling.Goals: Bedard-3,Cantin. Owuya- 37 saves.

Sunday Mar.18: L 4-2 Florida. Goals: Tifu, Urban. Owuya-39 saves.

Friday Mar.23: WSO 3-2 Trenton. Goals: O'Connor, Caruana. Owuya-24 saves.

Saturday Mar.24: W 7-0 @ Trenton.Goals:Urban-2,Riendeau-2,Bedard,Tifu,Labelle. Owuya-35 saves.

Sunday Mar.25: W 5-3 Trenton. Goals:Tifu,Caruana-3,Riendeau. Owuya-23 saves.

Wednesday Mar.28: W 3-0 Wheeling.Goals: Urban,Tifu,Riendeau. Owuya-55 saves.

Friday Mar.30: OTL 3-2@ Elmira.Goals: O'Connor,Ryan. St.Laurent-36 saves.

Saturday Mar.31: W 6-4 Trenton.Goals: Cox-3,Urban, O'Connor,. St. Laurent-33 saves.


Reading Royals











Tues. April 3 W 4-1 @ Reading.

Wed. April 4 W 4-2 @ Reading.

Fri. April 6 L 5-2 @ Elmira.

Sat.April 7 L 3-0 @ Elmira.

Mon. April 9 @ Elmira. If needed.



            Leading the team in goals and points is Oliver Labelle with 25 goals, 22 assists; Labelle also leads the team with thirteen power play goals.


 Regular Season:

Atlantic Division Standings  Won    Loss     OTL      SOL      PTS


Wheeling                                37        26        4             5--------83




Off Season Moves:


July 1: Royals Extend Qualifying Offers to eight players; they are Brett Gallant, Matt Generous, Ben Godon, Rob Kwiet, Louis Liotti, Todd Perry, Jared Ross and Andrew Sarauer.


July 7: Royals sign forward John Scrymgeour. Scored ten goals, twelve assists in 55 games last year for Reading.


July 12: Oliver LaBelle returning for his third season; had 21 goals, 11 assists last season.


July 13: Royals sign 29 year old forward Phil Aucoin. Last season played in Holland where he led the league in scoring with 26 goals, 99 assists in forty four games.


July 19: Signed Ryan Cruthers scored 21 goals 35 assists last year and was the Royals team captain.


July 20: Sign defenseman 23 year old Denny Urban.  Joined the Royals last season in early March from Robert Morris University. In fourteen games he had three goals, six assists.


July 26: Sign 24 year old forward Casey Haines. Last season Haines scored 18 goals, 16 assists in sixty four games for the Royals.


July 28: Sign 25 year old defenseman Dave Cowan. Lasts season Cowan was signed by the Royals but did not play because of a season ending injury.


August 2: Sign 24 year old forward Everett Sheen.  Played at Holy Cross College last season scoring 17 goals, 18 assists in 38 games.


August 4: Sign defensemen Bryan Brutlag , 22 years old, and Chris Nutini, 25 years old. Last season Brutlag played both defense and forward for Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute scoring eight goals and eight assists in thirty seven games.

Nutini played forty two games last season for the University of Denver where he had eight assists and thirty penalty minutes in forty two games.


August 10: Resign defenseman Rob Kwiet. Last season he scored 8 goals, 22 assists in 56 regular season games for the Royals.


August 17: Signed forwards Joe Cucci and Richard Purslow. Cucci, 25, last season played two regular season games and one playoff game for the South Carolina Stinrays.


Purslow, 25, played for University of Nebraska-Ohmaha scoring 13 goals, 20 assists in thirty nine games.










Adirondack Phantoms Report

By Fran Rubert


The Phantoms are in a playoff fight in the extremely competitive Atlantic Division in 10th place but are only two points out of 8th and the final spot for the playoffs with 3 games remaining.


The Phantoms have been sending players up to the big club the second half of the season with the Flyers mounting injuries to James van Riemsdyk, Kimmo Timonen, Andrej Meszaros, Jaromir Jagr and others. Players called up have been defensemen Marc-Andre Bourdon, Erik Gustafsson and forwards Eric Wellwood, Ben Holmstrom, Tom Sestito, Harry Zolnierczyk to name a  few.


Also compounding their problems have been injuries to defenseman Oskars Bartulis, Marc-Andre Bourdon and the trading of Kevin Marshall. In the nets it has been mainly Michael Leighton and Jason Bacashihua with Johan Backlund having gone back to Finland to play. Rookie goaltender Brad Phillips did a get a chance to come up and play one game with the team from the Trenton Titans. Also rookie defenseman Tyler Hostetter and forward Andy Bohmbach (leading scorer for the Titans) also got a handful of games with the Phantoms.


Leading the team in scoring:            Goals   Assists Points

Jason Akeson                          11        34        45

Matthew Ford (total)              23        22        45

Denis Hamel                           20        18        38

Ben Holmstrom                       11        23        34


Leading Players Plus-Minus

Erik Gustafsson           +6

Tyler Brown                +4

Andrew Rowe              +4

Matt Walker               +3



Goaltending:  Games played           Goals Against Average          Save Percentage

Johan Backlund           1                                  0                                   1,000

Michael Leighton        43                                2.67                             .915

Jason Bacashihua        21                                2.82                             .908

Brad Phillips                1                                  3.00                             .921



Eastern Conference-Atlantic Division







Phantoms Player Interview with Ben Holmstrom

With Fran Rubert


Phantoms Captain Ben Holmstrom after the Winter Classic game with Hershey. Photo Credit: Fran Rubert


Center Ice sat down with Adirondack Phantoms captain Ben Holmstrom after their game at the Winter Classic earlier this month. Holmstrom scored the tying goal with twenty seconds left in regulation before the Phantom’s Shane Harper won it in the first minute of overtime defeating the Hershey Bears 4-3.


The twenty four year old forward Holmstrom is playing his second year with the Phantom after he signed a two year entry level contract as a free agent in March 2010. Previously he played four years at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell for four years where he scored 26 goals, 58 assists, 201 penalty minutes in 144 games.


Last season for the Phantoms he recorded 16 goals, 22 assists and 75 penalty minutes in 79 games and was named the Phantoms most valuable player. He became the youngest captain in Phantoms history at 24 years old and has played four games for the Flyers over the last two seasons registering no points.


Center Ice: You dressed the other day in the pre-game with the Flyers but not play; was that disappointing?

Ben Holmstrom: It was exciting; you love to be in the line-up; it was great to just feel the atmosphere. It was a quick short preview of what the games are like.


Center Ice: Now you actually have played now in a couple of games with the Flyers what was it like?

Ben Holmstrom: It was awesome; great experience both games; the guys were great both times and made me feel as comfortable as you can for the first couple of NHL games and it was nice to get your feet wet, to see what it is like.


Center Ice: You had a tale of two seasons last year; the first half the team struggled and then the second half the team was very competitive, what was the change for you?


Ben Holmstrom: I think there were a number of changes; we had some young guys who as the season went on learned their role more and what it takes to be successful at the pro level. It seemed to develop over the season; the goaltending got better; defense got better, forwards got better. It unfortunately took a little bit of time for everybody to figure things out.


Center Ice: You played at Lowell-Massachusetts; how did you end up there?

Ben Holmstrom: Yes I was recruited and got hooked up when I was in international tournaments and one of my coaches was instrumental in getting me into college.


Center Ice: What do you have to do to boost your game up to get to the next level?

Ben Holmstrom: I think the biggest thing for me is to be finishing hits, being better in the face off dot; all of those little things that go unseen that help make contributions.


Center Ice: Growing up in Colorado were you an Avalanche fan?

Ben Holmstrom: Yes I followed Joe Sakic, Ray Bourque and those players.




Phantoms goalie Michael Leighton and Phantoms captain to the left defending against Hershey's Chris Bourque at the AHL Winter Classic game..

Photo Credit: Andrew King.


Adirondack Phantoms 2011-2012 Results



Sat.Oct.8: W 6-3 Connecticut Whale. Goals: Bartulis,Pither, Wellwood, Hamel,Marshall,Testwuide. Leighton-24 saves.


Fri.Oct.14: W 6-3 Bridgeport. Goals: Sestito, Schenn-3, Zolniercyk, Janceski.


Sat.Oct.15 L 6-2 @ Syracuse.Goals: Hamel,Schenn. Bacashihua-19 saves, Leighton-15 saves.


Sunday Oct. 16: W 5-1 Bridgeport. Goals: Sestito-2,Hamel-2, Akeson. Leighton- 33 saves.


Friday Oct.21: W 3-0 @ Portland Pirates.Goals: Brown,Roe, Zolnierczyk. Leighton-35 saves.

Saturday Oct.22: L 5-2 @ Albany Devils. Goals: Hamel-2. Leighton-25 saves.

Sunday Oct.23: W 3-1 @ Rochester Americans.Goals: Eric Wellwood, Zolnierczyk,Rinaldo. Bacashihua-33 saves.

Wednesday Oct.26: L 5-4 Norfolk Admirals. Goals: Wellwood, Sestito,McGinn,Hamel. Bacashihua-37 saves.

Friday Oct.28: L 4-2 Connecticut.Goals: Wellwood,Zolnierczyk. Leighton- 27 saves.

Saturday Oct.29: W 2-1 Hershey Bears.Goals: Hamel,Zolnierczyk. Leighton- 23 saves.


Friday Nov.4: W 2-1@ Springfield Falcons.Goals: Klotz, Kalinski. Leighton-20 saves.

Friday Nov.11: L 3-2 Syracuse. Goals: Hamel, Holmstrom. Leighton-25 saves.

Saturday Nov.12: WSO 2-1 Toronto Marlies.Goal: Harper. Bacashihua- 26 saves.

Tuesday Nov.15: L 4-2 @ Portland. Goals:Holmstrom, Akeson. Leighton-26 saves.

Saturday Nov.19: W 5-2 @ Syracuse.Goals: Kalinski,Holmstrom,Wellwood,Kessel, Akeson. Bacashihua- 25.

Sunday Nov.20: L 5-3 @ Bridgeport. Goals: Akeson-2, Lauridsen. Leighton- 21 saves.

Thursday Nov.24: L 5-2 @ Binghamton Senators.Goals: Sestito-2. Bacashihua-20, Backlund-15 saves.

Friday Nov.25: W 5-1 Springfield.Goals: Walker,Harper-2,Schenn,Sestito. Leighton-43.

Saturday Nov.26: W 4-3 Albany. Goals: Roe,Kalinski-2, Schenn. Leighton-32 saves.

Wednesday Nov.30: W 4-3 Syracuse.Goals: Holmstrom,Sestito,McGinn,Akeson. Leighton-33 saves.


Friday Dec.2: W 5-1 @ Norfolk.Goals: McGinn-2, Holmstrom,Hamel,Jancesvski. Leighton-28 saves.

Saturday Dec.3: L 2-1 @ Norfolk.Goals: Akeson. Leighton- 32 saves.

Tuesday Dec.6: LOT 1-0@ Hamilton Bulldogs. Leighton-27 saves.

Friday Dec. 9: L 2-1 Portland. Goal: Eddy. Leighton-35 saves.

Saturday Dec.10: W 3-2 Rochester. Goals: Harper,Roe,Holmstrom. Leighton-29 saves.

Friday Dec.16: L 3-1 @ Binghamton. Leighton-27 saves.

Saturday Dec.17: W 4-3 @ Syracuse.Goals: Holmstrom. Bacashihua-39 saves.

Sunday Dec.18: L 4-1 Binghamton.Goal: Leighton-23 saves.

Wednesday Dec.21: L 3-2 @ Connecticut. Bacashihua- 24 saves.

Wednesday Dec.28: L 5-2 Binghamton. Goals: Leighton-25 saves.

Friday Dec.30: WSO 3-2 Portland. Goals: Bacashihua-27 saves.

Saturday Dec.31: WOT 2-1 Albany. Goal: Testwuide. Bacashihua-26 saves.


Wednesday Jan.4: L 4-3 Binghamton. Goals: Bacashihua- 19 saves.

Friday Jan.6:WOT 4-3 Hershey @ Citizens Bank Park. Goals: Holmstrom,Harper. Leighton-24 saves.

Saturday Jan.7: L 5-2 @ Hershey. Goals: Rowe,Brown. Leighton-24 saves.

Friday Jan.13: W 5-4 Hamilton. Goals: Brown,Manning,Hamel-2, Kalinski. Bacashihua- 17, Leighton-10 saves.

Saturday Jan.14: W 5-3 Manchester Monarchs. Harper,Hamel, Marshall,Wellwood, Holmstrom. Leighton-23 saves.

Monday Jan.16: L 5-3 @ Albany. Akeson,Roe,Wellwood. Bacashihua- 8,Leighton-13.

Friday Jan.20: W 3-2 Albany. Goals: Brown,Kalinski, Rowe. Bacashihua- 18 saves.

Saturday Jan.21: L 2-1 Bridgeport. Goal: Kalinski. Leighton-24 saves.

Sunday Jan.22: L 4-3 @ Binghamton. Goals: Hamel, Kalinski,Testwuide. Bacashihua-36.

Wednesday Jan.25: L 5-1 @ Manchester. Goal:Testwuide. Bacashihua-12, Leigton-11.

Friday Jan.27: L 6-2 Bridgeport.Goals: Sesitito,Zolnierczyk. Leighton-30 saves.

Saturday Jan.28: L 3-0 @ Albany. Bacashihua-18 saves.


Friday Feb.3: W 3-1 Norfolk. Goals: McGinn-2, Ford. Leighton-27 saves.

Saturday Feb.4: L 3-2 Providence Bruins. Manning, Roe. Leighton-25.

Friday Feb.10: L 2-0 @ Norfolk. Leighton-26 saves.

Saturday Feb.11: L 7-3 @ Norfolk.Goals: Brown,Kalinski,Manning. Leighton-41 saves.

Tuesday Feb.14: L 2-1 @ Toronto. Goal: Hamel. Bacashihu-35 saves.

Friday Feb.17: W 5-1 Manchester.Goals: Manning,Ford-2,Harper,Roe. Bacashihua-31.

Saturday Feb.18: L 3-2 @Bridgeport.Goals: Zolenierczyk,Harper.Bacashihua-28 saves.

Sunday Feb.19: W 5-2 @Manchester.Goals: McGinn,Brown,Ford-2,Harper. Leighton-31.

Friday Feb.24: L 2-0 @Rochester. Leighton-31 saves.

Saturday Feb.25: WSO 2-1 @ Binghamton.Goal: Bordson. Leighton-41 saves.

Sunday Feb.26: W 4-3 Syracuse.Goals: Rowe-2,McGinn,Ford. Phillips-35 saves.


Friday Mar.2:  W 3-1 @ Providence.Goals:Testwuide,Rowe,Gustafsson. Leighton-30saves

Saturday Mar.3: W 3-2 @ Albany. Goals: Harper-2,Ford. Leighton-30 saves.

Sunday Mar.4: L 3-2 Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins. Goals: Ford. Leighton-29 saves.

Friday Mar.9: L 3-1 Norfolk. Goals: Hamel. Bacashihua-24 saves.

Saturday Mar.10: W 4-3 Albany. Goals: Lauridsen-2, Hamel,Harper. Leighton-31 saves.

Sunday Mar.11: W 4-1 @ Worcester Sharks.Goals: Harper,Ford,Testwuide,McGinn. Leighton- 40 saves.

Wed.Mar.14: L 2-1 Syracuse. Goals: Hamel. Leighton-26 saves.

Friday Mar.16: L 6-3 @ Hershey.Goals:Manning,Ford,Roe. Bacashihua-18 saves.

Sat.Mar.17: L 5-2 @ Syracuse.Goals: Hamel,Bourdon. Leighton-30 saves.

Fri.Mar.23: W 1-0 @ Wilkes-Barre.Goal: Akeson. Leighton-24 saves.

Sat.Mar.24: W 3-1 Springfield.Goals: Bordson,Manning,Ford. Leighton-24.

Sun.Mar.25: W 5-4 Binghamton.Goals: Hamel-2,Ford-2,Zolnierczyk. Leighton-33 saves.

Wed.Mar.28: L 2-1 @ Syracuse.Goal: Rowe. Leighton-42 saves.

Fri.Mar.30: W 4-3 Syracuse.Goals: Ford,Rowe,Akeson,Holmstrom. Leighton-28 saves.

Sat.Mar.31: L 3-0 @Connecticut. Leighton-25 saves.


Fri. April 6: W 3-2 Albany. Goals: Eddy,Ford,Hamel. Leighton-32 saves.

Sat. April 7: W 5-3 @ Albany. Goals: Ford-3,Bordson,Testwuide. Leighton-37 saves.

Sun. April 8: L 4-2 Rochester. Goals: Brown,McGinn. Leighton-24 saves.

Fri. April 13: @ Springfield.

Sat. April 14: Worcester.

Sunday April 15: Norfolk.




Trenton Titans Announce ECHL Affiliation with the Philadeldphia Flyers




Regular Season:

Friday Oct.14: L 7-3 @ Elmira Jackals.

Saturday Oct.15: L 3-1 @ Elmira.

Saturday Oct.22: W 8-5 Florida Everblades. Goals: Andy Bambach-3, Danny Kearney-2, Randy Rowe,Dustin Cameron, Chris Berenguer.

Sunday Oct.23: L 3-0 Cincinnati Cyclones.

Wednesday Oct.26: L 4-2 Gwinnett Gladiators. Goals: Germain,Bombach. Dave Caruso- 27 saves.

Friday Oct.28: L 5-4 Reading Royals.Goals: Rowe-2, Presizniuk-2. Brad Phillips-22 saves.

Saturday Oct.29: L 6-4 @ Wheeling. Hostetter,Bohmbach,Pietus, Baier. Caruso-18 saves,


Friday Nov.4: W 4-3 Elmira.Goals: Lenes-2,Yaworksi, Hayes. Phillips-32 saves.

Saturday Nov.5: L 5-1Wheeling Nailers.Goal: Kearney. Phillips-25 saves.

Wednesday Nov. 9: W 5-2 Reading. Goals: Rowe-2,Hayes, Cameron,Yaworski. Caruso.

Friday Nov.11: W 4-1 @ Kalamazoo Wings.Goals:Hayes,Southorn,Cameron,Rowe. Caruso-35 saves.

Saturday Nov.12: L 3-2 @ Cincinnati.Goals: Presizniuk,Cameron. Caruso-16 saves.

Wednesday Nov.16: L 4-3 Kalamazoo.Goals: Hayes,Southorn. Caruso-30 saves.

Friday Nov.18: LOT 3-2 @ Wheeling. Goals: Lenes,Bohmbach. Caruso-38 saves.

Saturday Nov.19: W 3-2 @ Wheeling. Goals:Bordson,Langeraap,Presiniuk. Phillips-31.

Friday Nov.25: W 5-3 @ Elmira.Goals: Bombach,Langeraap,Bordson,Hayes, Lenes. Caruso-42 saves.

Saturday Nov.26: W 3-2 Chicago Express.Goals: Bohmbach-2,Bordson. Caruso-20.

Sunday Nov.27: L 4-3 Chicago.Goals: Bordson-2,Bohmbach. Caruso-7 saves.


Friday Dec.2: SOL 5-4 @Elmira.Goals: Bordson-2,Bohmbach,Rowe. Caruso-34 saves.

Saturday Dec.3: W 5-3 @Wheeling.Goals: J.S.Berube-2,Bordson,Presizniuk,Versteeg. Caruso-41 saves.

Sunday Dec.4: LSO 2-1 Elmira. Cameron. Backlund-24 saves.

Wednesday Dec.7: L 3-1 Wheeling. Goal: Rowe. Caruso-31 saves.

Thursday Dec.8: WOT 3-2@Reading.Goals:Bohmbach,Germain,Hayes.Phillips-19 saves.

Saturday Dec.10: L 2-1 @ Wheeling.Goal: Syvret. Caruso-40 saves.

Saturday Dec.17: W 5-3 Toledo. Goals: Southorn,Hayes,Cameron,Germain-2. Caruso-30.

Sunday Dec.18: L 5-1 Toledo. Goal: Baier. Phillips-27 saves.

Thursday Dec.22: 6-3 L@Florida. Goals:Lenes,Cameron,Southorn. Caruso-25 saves.

Friday Dec.23: LOT 6-3 @Florida.Goals: Langeraap,Silva. Caruso-35.

Wednesday Dec.28: LOT 5-4 Wheeling. Goals: Silva,Germain-2, Syvret. Caruso-13,Phillips-19.

Friday Dec.30: W 4-3@ Reading. Goals: Prezniuk,Versteeg,Lenes, Kearney. Palmer-28.

Saturday Dec.31: L 2-1 Elmira. Goal: Southorn. Caruso-29 saves.


Friday Jan.6: W 5-2 @ Toledo.Goals: Langeraap-2,Hayes,Stoesz,Germain. Caruso-38.

Saturday Jan.7: LOT 6-5 @ Kalamazoo.Goals: Hayes,Presniuk,Germain-2, Silva. Caruso-47 saves.

Friday Jan.13: L 4-1 South Carolina.Goal: Versteeg. Caruso-21 saves.

Saturday Jan.14: W 3-2 Reading. Goals: Bordson-2,Germain. Phillips-23 saves.

Sunday Jan.15: L 3-1 @ Elmira. Goals: Cameron. Caruso-33 saves.

Friday Jan.20:L 4-3 @ Elmira.Goals: Bordson,Presizniuk,Hayes. Phillips-9 saves.

Saturday Jan.21: L 6-2 Kalamazoo. Goals: Rowe,Hayes. Caruso-24, Phillips-4.

Sunday Jan.22: W 6-1 Toledo. Goals: Rowe-2, Cameron,Hostetter,Bordson,Presiniuk. Caruso-28.

Friday Jan.27: W 3-1 @ South Carolina. Silva, Dilauro, Hayes. Caruso-33 saves.

Saturday Jan.28: L 2-0 @ South Carolina. Caruso-30 saves.

Sunday Jan.29: L 4-1 @ Gwinnett. Goal: Cameron. Phillips-18 saves.

Wednesday Feb.1: L 5-4 Chicago. Goals: Rowe,Hayes,Versteeg, DiLauro. Caruso-25 saves.

Friday Feb.3: L 6-3 Chicago. Goals: DiLauro, Bordson,Versteeg. Caruso-29 saves.

Saturday Feb.4: L 2-1 Wheeling. Goal: Bordson. Caruso-21 saves.

Friday Feb.10: LSO 5-4@ Charlotte.Goals: Bordson,Langeraap,Presizniuk,Syvret. Nierdert-31 saves.

Saturday Feb.11: L 4-2 @ Wheeling. Goals:Bombach-2. Neidert-31 saves.

Sunday Feb.12: W 4-2 Elmira. Goals: Cameron-2,Silva,Bombach. Phillips-29 saves.

Wednesday Feb.15: LSO 6-5 Reading.Goals: Cameron-2,Baier,Bombach,Germain. Phillips-33 saves.

Friday Feb.17: L 4-2 Reading.Goals: Poli,DiLauro. Phillips-21 saves.

Saturday Feb.18: W 8-1@ Elmira.Goals: Bombach-2,Berube-3,Cameron,Baier,Bordson. Phillips-25 saves.

Sunday Feb.19: W 5-1 Wheeling.Goals: Germain-2,Hayes-2,Hostetter. Phillips-15 saves.

Wednesday Feb.22: L 6-3 Reading.Goals: Ryan,Labelle,Haines. Rynnas-36 saves.

Friday Feb.24: L 5-2 Greenville. Goals: Bombach-2. Meyers-2, Phillips-25.

Saturday Feb.25: W 4-3 Elmira.Goals:Rowe-2,Hayes,DiLauro. Dekker-29 saves.

Sunday Feb.26: Lost 3-1 Elmira.Goal: Hostetter. Caruso-34 saves.

Friday Mar.2: L 8-6 @ Gwinnett. Goals: Hostetter,Germain,Hayes,Rowe, Poli, Bohmbach

Caruso 26 saves.

Saturday Mar.3: @ Greenville 7:35 p.m.

Sunday Mar.4: L 5-4 @ Gwinnett.Goals: Miller,Bohmbach,Cameron,Rowe. Caruso-27.

Tuesday Mar.6: L 4-2 @ South Carolina.Goals: Hayes,Bohmbach. Caruso-33 saves.

Friday Mar.9: L 7-3 Elmira.Goals: Silva,Presizinuk,Rowe. Caruso-16,Phillips-6 saves.

Saturday Mar.10: L 2-1 @ Reading.Goals: Cameron. Phillips-29 saves.

Sunday Mar.11: L 8-2 Florida.Goals: Silva,Hayes. Phillips-30 saves.

Friday Mar.16: L 2-0 @ Kalamazoo. Caruso-34 saves.

Saturday Mar.17: W 4-1 @ Chicago.Goals: Bohmbach-2,Hayes,Rowe.Phillips-14 saves.

Sunday Mar.18: WOT 5-4 @ Chicago.Goals:Akins-2,DiLauro-2,Bombach.Caruso-29.

Friday Mar.23: L 3-2 @ Reading.Goals: Prezniuk,Poli. Phillips-28 saves.

Saturday Mar.24: L 7-0 Reading.Caruso,Phillips.

Sunday Mar.25: L 5-3 @ Reading.Goals: Cameron-2, Rowe. Phillips-41.

Wednesday Mar.28: L 2-1 Elmira. Goal: DiLauro. Caruso-27 saves.

Friday Mar.30: L 4-1 Wheeling. Goal: Bohmbach. Caruso-37 saves.

Saturday Mar.31: L 6-4 @ Reading. Goals:DiLauro,Akins,Armstrong,Prezniuk. Caruso- 32 saves.


Titans goaltender Brad Phillips and Flyers prospect. Photo credit: Andrew King.


Titans defending against the Cincinnati Cyclones. Photo credit:

Andrew King.





Trenton Titan Player Spotlight with Andy Bohmbach

With Fran Rubert


Photo credit: Fran Rubert


Adam Bohmbach has shared time this season between the Adirondack Phantoms and the Trenton Titans in twenty two games he has recorded twelve goals, eight assists and ten penalty minutes. Last season he also played with current Titans captain Randy Rowe with the Toledo Walleye scoring 28 goals and 44 assists in sixty five games.


Bombach was a four year starter at the University of Wisconsin and had forty nine points his final two seasons. Before Wisconsin he played two years for the Waterloo Black Hawks recording 14 goals, 20 assists in 109 games. In high school he helped lead Hudson High to the 2004 Wisconsin State Ice Hockey Championship.


Center Ice: You have been sitting some games with the Phantoms that has had to be frustrating for you?

Andy Bohmbach: Yeah I probably sat about six games in and out of the line up; it is tough because you do not play a lot of shifts and then you come down here and you are playing almost twenty five minutes or thirty minutes a night so it hard to get your legs back; you get a little more tired; you have to get use to it making more plays and make the transition.


Center Ice: What aspects of your game are you looking to improve on?

Andy Bohmbach: Probably to get more shots off; I think I tend to pass too much and I hesitate to shoot; the coaches up in Adirondack have just told me to shoot the puck more.


Center Ice:  Does it help playing on the line with Randy Rowe who you have played with before?

Andy Bohmbach:  Yeah it does; it is easier to talk to him; we know each other a little bit; I know he likes to shoot the puck so I try to get it to him.  Like I said went you come back down it is hard to play with new players; hopefully I will get acclimated to it.


Center Ice: How did playing at the University of Wisconsin prepare you for the Pro’s?

Andy Bohmbach: Four years of great coaching from Mike Eaves; he is one of the best coaches out there at college or junior level. Four years you get stronger with a good conditioning and strength coach; four years in the weight room really helps; it helps to raise the skill level.


Center Ice: Was it an adjustment playing less games in college to this level?

Andy Bohmbach: Yeah you definitnetly play more games now but in college you practice a lot more, longer and every single day but it is different coming in playing 70 games compared to 40.

Center Ice: How was it playing in the USHL?

Andy Bohmbach: Same thing good coach, PK O’Hanolley. I was young when I got there so I learned a lot from the other guys. We played about sixty games; we learned how to play the body, tough and work out the kinks in your game.


Center Ice: Did you follow any players growing up?

Andy Bohmbach:  I really didn’t have one in mind but maybe Mike Madano I guess he was a North Star when I was younger around that area so I kind of followed him.


Center Ice: Do you look at other players and try to analyze their game to help you?

Andy Bohmbach: Yeah you definitely watch games and pick out aspects to see what guys are doing and what they are doing good; you try to watch as many games on TV because they are the best players in the world; there is nothing better to watch those guys play and how they do things.