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Gold Cup-Quarter-Finals

July 18:Lincoln Financial Field: Philadelphia

The United States Men's National soccer team was playing with mostly a reserved squad and took on Panama in the second half of a double header this past Saturday night.

Starting for the team was Troy Perkins (GK), Heath Pearce, Chad Marshall, Kyle Beckerman, Robbie Rogers, Logan Pause, Stuart Holden, Brian Ching, captain Jimmy Conrad, Jay Heaps and Davy Arnaud. The Red, White and Blue have played in 10 Gold Cup tournaments winning it four times and are defending champions. They defeated Panama in the 2005 final winning in penalty kicks.


Panama has made four appearances in the Gold Cup and as mentioned lost to the U.S. in 2005. Starting: Jamie Penedo (GK), Luis Moreno, Roman Torres, Gabriel Gomez, Blas Perez, Jorge Luis Garces, Nelson Barahona, Armando Gun, Manuel Torres, Rolando Escobar and captain Felipe Baloy.


Game Summary:

3:53 US has corner, played out. 4:45 dangerous Panama cross, played out for corner on the left wing, cleared out.

Early pressure form Panama; free kick by US at 7:00 from about 40 yds out, US reponds with tremendous pressure, hits the right post from in close by Ching. US corner headed wide by Conrad, 8:30 Chad Marshall back post header over bar.

10:27 US corner from left side, cleared.

Next 7 minutees play was between the 18s with no threats. 22:34 US save from right wing cross, no problem. 24:03 saving tackle by Conrad on Garces who was attemping to go in on goal. First real scoring chance by either team in aout 15 minutes. US. back on their heels for the last five minutes, no pressure up front. 28:30 USA Davy Arnaud heads ball down in the box just misses Holden.

30:35 US throw in the box, foul against them. 31:23 Panama free kick, 45 yards out.

46:00 Panama free kick, 40 yds outs, left side, cleared out. 37:40 nice play by US goalie Troy Perkins to get through ball. 38:09 US corner from Stuart Holden, defended. 38:39 Free Kick, foul on Brian Ching about 32 yards out. Holden wide shot.

40:26 corner US Conrad wide header.Conrad injured on play. US plays short, for two minutes, Clarence Goodson comes in to replace Conrad. Arnaud cross in box, saved at 44:20. 45:00 Panama corner from right side, Panama scores goal off corner, US misplayed by Marshall and Holden.

49:17 of the second half Kyle Beckerman scores from the top of the 18 into the upper right corner to even the score at 1-1. Robbie Rogers provided the cross.

Holden shoots wide at 52:32.55:23 Panama free kick, cleared. Panama corner right side. 56:07, shot blocked by two US defenders.60:35 Perkins save on long shot.62:05 Panama cross from right wing save; Ching shoots over top of goal from advantage play at 62:47. Panama yellow card for foul on Holden. 70:08 Panama cross save Perkins. Rogers cross 70:58, save Panama. 76:34 Cooper in for Arnaud. Holden 77:13 shot blocked. Right side corner header wide by Goodson. 79:18 Free kick US , header wide by Cooper. 80:38 Panama Phillips right wing cross, save. 85:11 Panama Perez shot save US. Brian Ching header 85:59 save.86:50 US free kick right side, Ching chance on left side. played out. 3 minutes extra time added.

1st Overtime:

P free kick 45 yards out cleared; 4:52 US free kick at mid field , played out. P corner 5:35 left side. defended. 8:55 US Heath shot save P from 15 yards out. 13:47 Pk Cooper goes down in box. Cooper converts to make it 2-1 at the end of the first overtime period.

2nd Overtime:

Brad Evans subs for Rogers at 20:14. Panama looked tired for most of the overtime with 4 men back in their own half.


Canada versus Honduras

In the first game a resurgent Canada faced Honduras and dominated most of the game especially for the last 20 minutes when Honduras went into a shell. Unfortunately the Canadians lost on a controversial penalty kill call at the 36th minute mark. Walter.Starting for the Canadians were Greg Stutton (GK), captain Paul Staltieri, Michael Klukowski, Kevin McKenna, Julian DeGuzman, Ali Gerba, William Johnson, Atiba Hutchinson, Dejan Jakovic, Josh Simpson and Patrice Bernier.

This is the ninth time that they have qualified for the tournament and won it in 2000 defeating Columbia 2-1 in extra time.


Honduras has also appeared in the Gold Cup nine times but has never won it. Their best finish was reaching the quarterfinals in 2007 when they were upset by Guadeloupe.

The starting eleven for Honduras was Osman Chavez, Erick Norales, Marvin Chavez,Mariano Acevedo, Carlo Costly, Carlos Palasios, captain Walter Martinez, Nery Medina, Melvin Valladares, Donis Escobar (GK) and Roger Espinoza.

Game Summary:

The game started with both teams atacking but Hondorus had the early better chances. At 2:21 they had their appeal for a penalty kick denied by the El Salvador referee Joel Aguilar. Canada could not penetrate the 18 and when they did they were slow to pull the trigger. The Canadians had their first shot on goal at 12.23 and had Honduras pinned in their own end of the field. Their best chance came at 21:30 when left winger Atiba Hutchinson made Donis Escobar make a diving save to keep it 0-0. Honduras looked particularly dangerous on the counter attacks. Then a controversial penalty kick was called at 34.38 against Canada when an attempted bicyle kick was deemed blocked by a hand ball by Canadian defender Kevin McKenna. Captain Walter Martinez converted to make it 1-0 Honduras. This seemed to wake up the Los Catrachos as they kept the pressure on and almost forced their opponents to give a own goal.

The second half saw Honduras continue to press the attack but Canada at 49:25 from William Johnson had a great scoring opportunity from 10 yards out but shot straight into Escobar. At 54:44 Erik Norales, Honduras had a chance when he chipped a shot over the bar from his left wing when he got a step on his defender. Josh Simpson, Canada, header on goal at 55.45 saved by Escobar.

57:30 Marvin Chavez,Honduras was saved by Sutton when he dove and took the ball off his feet from in the box.

Corner kick at 58:46 by Michael Kulkowski, Canada, long out of bounds.

60:16 free kick, Honduras from about 35 yds out, Carlos Costly,shot on goal save.

Julian DeGuzman, Canada provided good build up but the Canadians cannot break through, 61:00. 65:48 Canadian corner, out for a throw in. Header wide of left post by Johnson (Canada). Canada pressure for last three minutes and continued with numberous headers but none could connect. Honduras from 70 to 74 minues pulled everyone back into their own end. Were haning on. 77:18 Honduras free kick from left wing mid box, shot over top. 78:31 corner kick (C) from right wing, blocked out.80:00 Simeon Jackson (C) header over bar from left wing cross, 6 yds out. 81:29 another C corner right side. 85:00 (C) Kevin McKenna hits left post off header from 12 yds out.88:00 C corner rw, 90:00 another (C) right side corner kick, defended.(C) corner, nothing. Honduras for the last 20 minutes just defended and waited for any counter attacks and absorbed all of the Canadian pressure. The Canadians lost because they could not convert on the nine corners and could never break down their opponents in the box.